What is XP?

Welcome to the world of XP

Since 2009, cryptocurrencies have redefined the meanings of money and wealth as we know them.

It is the dawning of a new age for finance, and XP is bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency world’s millions of users, and the 1.2 billion gamers worldwide through an innovative Proof-of-Stake reward system and an aggressive marketing and expansion plan. How does this work?

The first thing to understand about cryptocurrency is that you are your own bank. Your account is on a permanent ledger called a “blockchain.” Your account is signed with a set of keys that only you have access to, but that you can use to approve and validate transactions. When you make a transaction, it is signed with your secret key and cannot be duplicated. With XP you have the ability to manage transactions quickly and easily on your desktop or Android wallets and can experience nearly instantaneous transactions. XP achieves this through Proof of Stake validation.

To summarize:

  • Everyone gets paid to actively keep the network secure
  • Everyone shares the transaction history, so it’s transparent
  • The software is open source so you know it’s safe
  • XP is pseudo-anonymous and anyone can open an account
  • XP is extremely fast; you can send money to anyone in the world within minutes
  • XP uses Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work