This tool is intended for use by those participating in XP Lotto.

Welcome to XP Lotto, a syndicate lottery group dedicated to the success of the XP community.

XP Lotto will purchase lottery tickets in the Mega Millions lottery in the United States. The tickets will be scanned and uploaded to this page the Wednesday before the Friday drawing. Pool winnings will be distributed with 10% going to pool operations and 90% going to pool participants. Pool winnings over $10,000 will be distributed in BTC. Pool winnings under $10,000 will be distributed in XP. Pool winnings less than $100 will be used to purchase tickets for the next drawing.

To participate in the pool, generate a Lotto Address below. Participants are required to provide an XP Winnings Address for small pool wins and a BTC Winnings Address for large pool wins. There's no limit to deposit amounts. All deposits are final. Deposits must be received 1 hour before the drawing to qualify for the drawing. If received late, the deposit will be applied to the next drawing. The same Lotto Address can be used for multiple drawings. If unable to access Winnings Addresses, generate a new Lotto Address with different Winnings Addresses. Shares will cost 16,500 XP each. The number of shares per participant divided by the number of shares for the entire pool will determine each participant's cut. Partial shares are not recognized and will not be returned.

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