If you're looking for information related to eXperience Point's swap, currently in progress, look no further!

Right now, eXperience Points is switching to a new wallet and new chain. The purpose of this page is to help outline the process of switching (referred to as swapping) and provide vital information to the community about coin management during this transitional period.

Looking for the Swap Tool?

Always been a maverick? Like to blaze your own trail? Then you might want to swap yourself rather than wait on an independent service provider. The Swap Tool is designed with you in mind.

Why are we swapping?

This is really a great question, and every time it is asked, an opportunity is created to educate, so we really like to see this question! The primary reason is for adopting new features and enchancements that will bring value to the coin and community. For the coin, BIP 38 wallet encryption, SwiftX for instant transactions, and Dark Gravity Wave 3 difficulty management are being added. The codebase itself is switching to an entirely different codebase that has a reputation for being well maintained and supported by many developers across many platforms. For the community, masternodes are being added so there are more ways to earn eXperience Points, the supply is being capped to limit runaway devaluation, block rewards are switching from percentage to fixed value to better control inflation, and the overall supply is being lowered to help the coin reenter BTC, ETH, and LTC markets.

To what are we swapping?

The devil is in the details, right? Look below for a quick breakdown of technology fundamentals:

  • The new codebase is a PIVX variant.
  • Privacy is available, but will not be activated till issues with Zerocoin implementation are resolved.
  • Swap ratio is 200:1, meaning 200 coins on the old chain can be exchanged for 1 coin on the new chain.
  • Masternode collateral is 500,000 coins.
  • Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Masternodes are supported.
  • Proof-of-Work is reserved for coin launch and ends in first 300 blocks. Proof-of-Stake begins at block 301.
  • Max coin supply will be 20,000,000,000 XP.
  • Premine will be 4,003,000,001 XP, of which 2,000,000,000 is allocated for swapping and other issues like web wallet and Lionbit exit scams. Effective foundation premine will be 10% of supply.
  • Block time will be 1 minute.
  • Block rewards begin at 1,200 and gradually decrease to 400. See Block Reward and Split chart below.
  • Stake versus Masternode split starts at 60% versus 40% and gradually changes to 25% versus 75%.
  • Coins are never burned. Stake versus Masternode for transaction fees is 40% versus 60% for the life of the chain.
Block Reward and Split
Block Reward Starting Block Ending Block Duration in Years Stake Percent Share Masternode Percent Share Stake Coin Share Masternode Coin Share Average Yearly Supply Increase
1,200 12 52,571 0.1 60% 40% 720 XP 480 XP -
1,100 52,572 210,251 0.3 58% 42% 638 XP 462 XP -
1,000 210,252 525,611 0.6 56% 44% 560 XP 440 XP 27.59% 1st Year
900 525,612 1,051,211 1 54% 46% 486 XP 414 XP 15.64%
800 1,051,212 2,102,411 2 49% 51% 392 XP 408 XP 11.54%
700 2,102,412 3,679,211 3 46% 54% 322 XP 378 XP 8.03%
600 3,679,212 5,781,611 4 42% 58% 252 XP 348 XP 5.50%
500 5,781,612 8,409,611 5 38% 62% 190 XP 310 XP 3.75%
400 8,409,612 30,796,911 43 25% 75% 100 XP 300 XP 1.83%
How do we swap?

Another excellent question! There's many answers to this question, though; with each answer premised on where the coins are currently stored. Overall though, when a swap method is identified, we want that method to embody these principles:

  • The method needs to be simple, easy to understand, and easy to execute.
  • The method needs to be transparent, available as soon as it is known, and demonstrative of trust and integrity.

Here is the current list of swap methods available based on where the coins are currently stored.

DISCLAIMER: Only balances in Desktop Wallets and Paper Wallets are guaranteed. All other platforms and services are considered independent service providers and are not under our control. For this reason, balances with independent service providers are not guaranteed. Swappers should carefully consider the risks associated with independent service providers and plan accordingly. eXperience Points will not be held responsible for losses incurred with independent service providers should such losses occur for any reason.


  CoinExchange - Exchange is closing. Please withdraw/swap your coin as soon as possible using the Swap Tool.

  CoinDeal - Delisting per request. Please withdraw/swap your coin as soon as possible using the Swap Tool.

  Nova - Exchange is closing. Please withdraw/swap your coin as soon as possible using the Swap Tool.

  FINEXBOX - Swapped to the new chain!

  BTCPOP - Swapped to the new chain!

         TopBTC - To Be Finalized

Do not see your exchange listed here? Let us know!


  Simple POS - Swapped to new chain and accepting additional old coin for more swaps!

  Stakecube - Swapped to new chain!

Do not see your pool listed here? Let us know!


  Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) - Balance will NOT automatically swap. Use the Swap Tool.

  Android - This wallet has not been supported for the last year. Please withdraw your coin as soon as possible.

  Paper - Balance will NOT automatically swap. U the Swap Tool.


  XP-Bot (Discord) - No action required. This bot is an independent service provider.

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