Incentive rewards and Digital currency

eXperience Points (XP)

eXperience Points (XP) is a combined rewards-based incentive and globally accepted 'high street' digital currency built onto a single blockchain, designed to compensate gamers and the wide spectrum of gaming communities as well as directly benefit those who contribute positively to society.

exPerience Points Network

eXperience Points (XP) is a completely independent, platform-agnostic incentive rewards token and digital currency combined, enabling you to earn XP through video games, activities, sports, education, and conservation. You can spend XP at participating vendors either online, in-game, or on the high street (cryptocurrency exchanges).

Hold XP
XP Network

The blockchain utilizes a PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, enabling you to earn interest simply by holding onto your earned XP. The concept of real value rewards merged with blockchain technology provides an innovative approach to in-game currencies moving towards a unified platform, similar to the standards applied to mobile phone charges, for example.


This approach keeps the digital currency completely independent from any bank, central authority, government, or corporation. At the same time, it allows any entity to collaborate and submit proposals, open-source code, documentation, and content that benefits other participants and parties in the network.

XP Baloon

Ways We're Working To Enable XP

XP video games

Video Games

Purchase and play video games with XP integrated. Earn XP by accomplishing in-game activities such as unlocking achievements, completing levels, and finishing the game.

XP Education icon

School & Education

Earn XP at schools, colleges, and universities for maintaining regular attendance, achieving above-average grades, or graduating
to the next stage of your career path!

XP sports icon

Sports & Activities

Earn XP for participating in sports or for completing specific activities. Instead of medals for first, second, and third, everyone can earn XP!

XP conservation

Peace & Conservation

Contributing to your local community, helping conservation projects around the world, and being a model citizen are examples of ways to receive XP.

Exchange Services

Exchange Service - A platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

Staking and masternode services

Staking - Earn rewards by holding your XP in a cryptocurrency wallet that actively supports the security and operations of the network. Simply put, keep the XP wallet holding your coins connected to the network to receive rewards.

Masternode - Run a full node that holds a complete copy of the blockchain and operates 24/7, while securely locking your coins in your personal wallet. Masternodes offer regular rewards as an incentive to become a part of XP's core network.


XP does not own or control exchanges or staking pools. Please be aware of the risks and use at your own discretion.